Hey, I'm Eric! Hope you enjoyed the interview :) What's your name?

Just your first name. Or make something up if you like secrets ;)
Hey {{answer_ZQ1DR9KemTUW}}, how important do you think romance is in today’s business world?

How optimistic are you that business and romance can live together in harmony?

How aligned is your company with Tim’s vision?

How is your company trying to make your workplace a little more human?

Any interesting initiatives to implement trust, encourage vulnerability, facilitate needed conversations?
Doing great {{answer_ZQ1DR9KemTUW}}, appreciate your answers! Just a couple more quick ones, and they're optional if you're in a rush :)

Do you like having interviews presented in this text-video format?

What's your role at work? (optional)

How big is your company?

Thanks {{answer_ZQ1DR9KemTUW}}!
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